bus graphics

Branding and hiring advertising space on buses of municipal traffic network. 

Branding on buses is done with PVC and ONE VISION foils so that the entire surface of a bus can be used for advertising.

We can offer you a possibility to brand and hire vehicles of municipal traffic for certain period. 

This type of advertising is very interesting and efficient because you can get mobile billboard which passes by the most important roads of the town.

With appropriate design and corporate use of your brand, you will get opportunity for your message to be seen by a large number of citizens and passengers.

This kind of advertising is very popular worldwide.

 Vehicles of transporter “Gradski saobracaj” (City traffic) holding leased the most important city lines, but they are not conceived to pass through the narrow city centre and they avoid streets with high frequency of people and cars. 

During the period of hiring a bus, the print on the bus can be replaced multiple times according to your request.