Stage graphics

Production of scenery for theaters, TV studios and manifestations on special materials appropriate for direct lighting and lighting without reflection. 

The print is done on coulisse or backcloth. It is possible to produce various figures as required by the customer, in full color, from laminated materials, in natural size..

Table flags 

Can be made from crepe satin with doubled layer and they are embroidered with fringes. They are placed at a table, and have their base. They can be made in standard size: 26x17 cm, or in size required by customer. 

Textile print

Is especially used for equipping scenery but as well for equipping counters of business premises, bars, shop windows and all the other decorations of furniture etc. it is possible to print desired motives in full color on aprons, bags, table cloths, covers, curtains, lazy bags, cloths for glasses, scarves and other products as requested by customer. 
Our design team will ensure all the support regarding design, selection of material and method of additional processing.

Flags for interior decoration

Ceremonial flags are done with doubled layer, embroidered with fringes and they are made from crepe satin, which due to its shine gives the flag a solemn look. They are exposed in cabinets and saloons. Moreover, we can offer bases for all types of flags produced from brass, stainless steel, wood and plastics. They are available with one, two or three spears, of various lengths.