One of the products from our assortment, which we would like to put special emphasis on, is holders for flyers.


The holders for promotional material, brochures and leaflets, from this program are ideal solution for those who are bored with flayers on their desks or counters, and consider them as necessary evil, so that information about the products and services could reach the customers. 

With the holders, instead of mess on your desk you will have nice detail which would make any work space more beautiful. 

Our holders for brochures are made by injection molding technique providing superior quality, impeccable transparency and high-quality joints and processing of edges. It is practically impossible to get such quality by manual technique of bending plexiglass (Klirit).


There are various types of holders, made in different formats, which provides a chance for everyone to find a solution that satisfies their needs. In addition to the standard, one-pocket holders, we can offer holders with several pockets, arranged in several (cascading) levels or with horizontally arranged pockets. 

Holders for brochures are also tailored to fit standard paper sizes DL (1/3 A4), A5 and A4. Moreover, there are holders for business cards.