totems & display

About totems and signsi?

Boards and signposts make a wide range of advertising products which can be made in various shapes.

Where are totems and signs used?

Advertising boards are very often used for marking a facility, both interior and exterior, while, not rarely, it used for designating a site itself. On the other hand, signs are also used to indicate location of a facility and to provide instructions on how to reach it departing from the point where the sign is.

What are totems and signs made from?

Selection of material for a totem or sign mostly depends on the place and the manner of assembling the board. The most common materials for making base of an advertisement are solid PVC plastics, lexan or metal. It depends on the specific needs which of these would be used. 

Totems and signs:
  •  illuminated display boxes
  •  various metal structures
  •  printing and assembling structures and banners on petrol stations
  •  jumbo illuminated signboards
  •  totems
  •  signboards and signposts
  •  plexiglass products
  •  displays for interiors
  •  serial advertisements