Illuminated boxes

In our facility there is a workshop specialized in producing illuminated advertisements and accompanying elements. The workshop is fully equipped with machines for producing advertisements. 

At our workshop, we have 3D Letter Bender machine, for production of 3D letters and shapes; CNC router for cutting laminated materials; laser for cutting and processing plastic materials, various complementary machines, etc. 

Good-quality electrical systems, LED modules and generators are preconditions to long-lasting and quality functioning of illuminated advertisement.


Illuminated advertisement from Alucobond with incisures

  • Engraving logos and lettering on Alucobond
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Additional recessed lighting
  • Coloured and “running” light effects on Alucobond box


Illuminated advertisement from aluminium profiles

  • Production of illuminated items from special aluminium profiles
  • One-sided and two-sided illuminated advertisement
  • Interior LED lighting and fluorescent tubes
  • Printing advertisements on plexiglass or backlit tarpaulin